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About Thai Sang

Thai Sang is a company operating in the field of manufacturing, trading and importing and exporting agricultural products. Established in 2005 and certificated by the Department of Planning and Investment of Binh Phuoc province, Thai Sang is proud to bring our customers products that meet international standards.

With the slogan "Not only Vietnamese agricultural products, we offer value to life!", Thai Sang always strives to bring the gift of Mother Nature from Vietnam to the world and increase the value of life. We partner with experienced farmers, at the same time use new and modern strategic approaches to ensure quality products in both taste and nutrition. That’s how we always meet the strict requirements of consumers around the world.


High-quality peanuts from Thai Sang

Introducing the premium Vietnamese peanuts from Thai Sang. To assure quality and food safety, our peanuts are grown using cutting-edge farming techniques and subjected to stringent testing. To produce the best peanuts, our skilled farmers blend traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technology.

At Thai Sang, we are proud of our dedication to excellence. The highest standards are met by the meticulous selection and processing of our peanuts. In our opinion, good cooking begins with quality ingredients, and our peanuts are no different.

Our peanuts are adaptable and can be used in many different recipes. They are a well-liked element in Asian food and are becoming more well-liked in Western recipes. As a fantastic source of protein and good fats, peanuts are a wholesome addition to any meal. With Thai Sang's premium peanuts, experience the flavour of greatness. Whether you're a home cook or a professional chef, your meals will taste better and be more nutrient-dense with our peanuts. 

Thai Sang Peanuts

Product Origin

Thai Sang always prioritises using healthy peanut seeds, so it can produce high-quality peanuts. In the cultivation process, we combine the great experience of the farmer with modern farming methods to increase the yield. When choosing Thai Sang, you can confidently use products of clear origin.


Nutritional value

Peanuts are a great source of nutrients that are necessary for sustaining excellent health. They contain a lot of protein, which is essential for the body's ability to create and repair tissue. Indeed, because they contain more protein than many other types of nuts, peanuts are a wonderful option for vegetarians and vegans who need to consume enough of it from plant-based sources.

Peanuts are an excellent source of fibre and protein. In addition to preserving the integrity of the digestive system, fibre can reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Peanuts are also a rich source of heart-healthy fats that can help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Peanuts also contain a number of vitamins and minerals that are important for overall health. They are a good source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps protect cells from ageing. The magnesium in peanuts is also important for maintaining strong bones and regulating blood sugar levels.

Given their nutritional advantages, peanuts make a great addition to any diet. Whether you're eating a handful of roasted peanuts as a snack or spreading peanut butter over toast, you can benefit from the many health benefits that this versatile legume has to offer.

How to use the product?

Peanuts are a staple ingredient and have been used in cooking for a very long time in many different types of cuisine all over the world. They can be utilised in both savoury and sweet cuisines due to their remarkable adaptability.

One of the peanuts' most popular culinary uses is peanut butter. This creamy spread, which is made by pressing roasted peanuts into a paste, is enjoyed by people of all ages. Peanut butter can be used in a variety of ways, including on toast or in sandwiches, as a dip for fruits and vegetables, or as an ingredient in baked goods like cookies and cakes.

Peanut oil is another typical way to prepare dishes using peanuts. This oil is great for sautéing and frying due to its high smoke point. Asian cuisine regularly uses it, and it has a moderate flavour that doesn't overpower other ingredients.

Peanuts that have been roasted are also a popular snack food. They can be combined with other items, like chocolate and dried fruit, to make a delicious trail mix, or they can be consumed on their own. Additionally, peanuts can be used as a salty flavour in savoury meals like stir-fries and curries or as a crunchy salad garnish.

Peanuts have a variety of aesthetic uses in addition to being nutritious and delicious. Particularly peanut oil is favoured as a component in skincare products due to its moisturising and nourishing properties.

The antioxidant vitamin E, which helps protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, is present in large quantities in peanut oil. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can aid to calm and soothe sensitive skin. Because of this, peanut oil is widely used in creams, lotions, and moisturisers to keep the skin supple and elastic.

Why should you choose Thai Sang?

When you choose Thai Sang as your peanuts supplier, you will have the following benefits:

- High-quality: We are committed to providing high-quality peanuts. All of our products have been rigorously tested before being introduced to the market.

- Competitive price: At Thai Sang, we offer high-quality peanut products at competitive prices. We understand that price is an important factor for B2B customers and we always strive to provide the best prices for our customers. With high-quality products and reasonable prices, we believe Thai Sang is the best choice for B2B customers looking for a reliable source of peanuts.

- Careful Packing: We pack our products carefully to ensure that they reach you in the best condition. Also, We prioritise the use of environmentally friendly paper boxes in the packaging process.

- Fast Delivery: We have an efficient delivery system to ensure that the product is delivered to you as quickly as possible. 


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